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Desde que entras a Nearsoft, está ahí escrito en la pared: queremos convertirnos en una de las empresas más innovadoras de México


NearsoftLabs nsLabs = NearsoftLabs .description("Para lograr esto, sabemos que tenemos que ser capaces de identificar problemas, encontrar las oportunidades que se presentan y construir soluciones para hacer de la innovación, una parte muy importante de Nearsoft y que se grabe en nuestro ADN.
Nearsoft Labs es el equipo que ayuda al resto del team a convertir esas oportunidades identificadas por la comunidad, en productos y servicios para la industria del software."

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Atlassian Summit Europe - May 2nd-5th, 2016

We participated on the Atlassian Summit Europe with a SoftwareDevTools booth, where we were able to talk to people, offer some demos, connect with Atlassian experts and gather some leads.

Global Scrum Gathering - April 10th to 12th

The LABS team was spreading the word about our products in Global Scrum Gathering San Diego. We had a SoftwareDevTools booth ready to present demos to people and companies interested in what we are doing.

Connect Week Sydney (2016) - November 29-30, 2016

We were once again invited to participate in Atlassian's Connect Week. Since it took place in Sydney the team got together at San Luis Potosí to participate remotely.

They worked on connecting Qualitrack, our test case management tool, to JIRA and Confluence.

Demo to Palm Beach AUG​ - November 16th, 2016

We had the opportunity to present​ our add-ons to the Atlassian User Group at Palm Beach. The presentation ​was​ about leveraging our Confluence add-ons to improve teams' sprint results.

Demo to Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community - November 17th​, 2016​

We reached out to this community since they were hosting an event called "Tools and Tooling Hacks for Distributed Teams" so we could showcase our products. Matt Perez ​was in charge of demoing PlanningWith.Cards and its integrations to the community​.


  • ApiToCode
  • Ikigai
  • Qualitrack